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Electrolysis, Clinical Facials, Lash Lifts, Tinting

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Any hair color - coarse or fine

Electrolysis has come a long way from where it started in 1875.  Most importantly with advancement in technology, I use  the most advanced computer based epilator on the market which continues to set new standards in the field of permanent hair removal.

The 27.12 MHz frequency is up to 6x faster than that of other hair removal devices producing results more quickly.


I use single-use insulated probes with sterilized tweezers and high end aftercare products to soothe your skin.

While I have my laser hair removal certificate from 2001, my preference is working with fine hair or hair untreatable with laser.  Being in the hair removal industry for many years in Calgary, I am able to refer you to some local reputable laser hair removal centers:

Clinical Facials

Truly Exceptional Results

At my electrolysis clinic, I offer a tailored clinical facial service or Microderm Abrasion or Chemical Peel that is specifically designed for your individual needs.  I use only the highest quality products from Image Skincare, so you can be sure you are getting the best possible results. If you need help with acne, sun damaged skin or revitalization you can rest assured you'll find it here.  I never up sell and will only provide the service you need as well as tips and tricks to do at home.

Facial Treatment
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